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Mr. Saleem Akhtar QureshI is a banker-turned-businessman. Banking Odyssey started in 1980 with Rupali Bank, Karachi – sailing through Banque Indosuez (1982), Masraf Faysal Al Islamic of Bahrain EC(1987), Muslim Commercial Bank limited (1991) – ended at Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia in 1999. Entire banking career was a blend of Conventional and Islamic Banking both in Pakistan & abroad and covered mostly the Credit & Marketing, Documentary Credit and Treasury Operations. Academically, Saleem Akhtar QureshI is a Commerce Graduate with Post Graduate qualification in the Business Administration & the Banking. The Business Journey started in 2000 with a modest start of trading of sugar, lubricant and steel. Presently, the focus is on the steel trading relying (for the last 3 years) mainly on the ship-breaking for procurement of steel, while the business diversification plan is under-way.

Mr. Aijaz, a man born in steel, brought up in steel, steel is what his whole life revolves around. there are not many words to describe this man's competency. however he is truely a steel-tycoon. At Quality steel, as the name suggests, we manufacture only the highest quality premium steel. steel bars brought in from our own shipyard, and then moulded into perfect steel rods to match your needs. quality steel delivers nothing but the best.