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Mr. Saleem Akhtar QureshI is a banker-turned-businessman. Banking Odyssey started in 1980 with Rupali Bank, Karachi – sailing through Banque Indosuez (1982), Masraf Faysal Al Islamic of Bahrain EC(1987), Muslim Commercial Bank limited (1991) – ended at Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia in 1999. Entire banking career was a blend of Conventional and Islamic Banking both in Pakistan & abroad and covered mostly the Credit & Marketing, Documentary Credit and Treasury Operations. Academically, Saleem Akhtar QureshI is a Commerce Graduate with Post Graduate qualification in the Business Administration & the Banking. The Business Journey started in 2000 with a modest start of trading of sugar, lubricant and steel. Presently, the focus is on the steel trading relying (for the last 3 years) mainly on the ship-breaking for procurement of steel, while the business diversification plan is under-way.